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About us

About us

Bluesock Shop is a brand of clothes and accessories for travelling souls. It's a brand for you, which you experience by discovering and to discover new places, to get to know knew people, to live new experiences.

This store's products have been created to accompany you on your travels. With them you can show the world your philosophy. Because for you travel is more than visiting places. For you travel is a way of life. The best way of life.

Bluesock Shop designs reflect our brand's way of being. With unique designs for unique people. Like you.

Bluesock Shop is the official shop of Bluesock Hostels, the hostel chain for urban explorers. A meeting point for restless travellers, ready to get the most out of every city they visit.

If you too are an intrepid spirit, if you think that getting lost is the best way to get to know new destinations, if you consider yourself an experience hunter, this is your home. Welcome to the Bluesock Shop.

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